Stevan Buren Commercial Roofing: Metal

Metal roofs are very popular in Commercial Roofing.  They are well known for their durability, their longevity, and appearance.  Metal roofs come in a wide variety of colors and styles, to suit your business needs.  Metal roofs also come in a variety of material; steel, aluminum, copper, tin, and zinc.

Metal Roofs are durable and can offer warranties of 30-50 years, nearly twice that of standard asphalt shingle roofs.  With added longevity, this product can come at a higher cost, so metal roofs are a more expensive option for your project upfront.  However, because of the durability of the metal material, you will incur fewer maintenance costs, as you will find with other roofing materials.  While asphalt shingles can receive detrimental damage from weather, blow off in a windstorm, or grow algae, metal roofs resist weather damage and have a wind resistance of up to 140 miles per hour.

The application of metal roofing typically falls into two categories; concealed fastener systems, which would be a standing seam panel or exposed fastener systems which would include sheet materials like R Panel, U Panel, Corrugated, etc. Exposed fastener systems will generally come at a lesser cost, due to less material need, and less intensive labor costs.  Standing Seam roofs, tote longer warranties, as well as greater longevity.  Standing seam roofs are also better for roofs with varied architectural styling such as barrel style roofs.