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Our Flooring Store Options & Installation

If you are in need of a flooring company that offers the best floors on the market pared with expert installation, look no further Stevan Buren Flooring. We have been installing Shaw flooring, LW Floors, Mohawk, and CorTec for over 20 years in and around the Cleburne community. Pick your type of floors and give us the style your looking for and we'll pair you with the floors that are meant to withstand your home or businesses lifestyle!

Hardwood flooring installation that we did for a customer

Hardwood & Engineered Flooring

The popularity of hardwood flooring is on the rise again, with a vengeance! Part of this surge is due in part to new technologies.

Once upon a time, hardwood floors meant solid planks of wood and a relatively high price. (The higher price actually spurred the creation–and subsequent popularity–of laminate floors.)  However, modern technology has paved the way for engineered hardwoods, actual wood floors that are durable & affordable! What's the difference between hardwood flooring & engineered? Traditional hardwood floors are solid planks of wood either nailed or glued to a subfloor. These floors will last for decades, even centuries with proper care. They offer a timeless look and provide higher re-sale value for your home. If they get scratched and worn, a simple sand and refinish gives them brand new life. Cross section of traditional hardwood floor. These are solid planks of wood. Just like anything made of wood, it expands and contracts a little based on temperature and humidity and can warp along the growth lines as it ages. This is why a floating installation is never recommended for traditional hardwood floors. Engineered hardwood offers the same qualities of traditional hardwood–nail or glue installation, longevity, ability to refinish, timeless beauty–but offers greater strength and resistance to expansion/ contraction, often for a more wallet-friendly price. Cross section close-up of engineered hardwood floors. It’s manufactured with a layer of hardwood on top of multiple layers of solid wood glued in alternating grain directions. This cross-laminating of the solid wood layers improves strength and reduces expansion and contraction, which in turn virtually eliminates warping. 

Vinyl Plank Flooring installed at a home in Johnson County by the experts at Stevan Buren Flooring

Vinyl Flooring: Plank, Tile, & Sheet

Vinyl has experienced a recent surge in popularity — for good reason!

It’s durable, versatile, and waterproof, so it is a great solution for water-prone areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms, but also works great in every room of the house. Vinyl comes in a host of different visuals, including wood-look, stone-look, and tile-look.

We carry a wide range of glue-down, click-lock, and sheet vinyl.

Tile work we did to replace the floors in a bathroom for a client

Tile Flooring

Bathrooms, showers, backsplashes, counters, floors! Tile is among the most versatile surface options on the market. Especially in those areas where the surface is beyond to be espoused to moisture. The choices available are nearly endless! Stevan Buren Flooring offers thousands of colors and patterns in several different kinds of tile.


  • Ceramic Tile

  • Porcelain Tile

  • Glass Tile

  • Natural Stone Tile

  • Specialty Tile


Stevan Buren Flooring carries tile options from Stone Solutions, Shaw, Mohawk, Marazzi, Daltile, and more. Our installers are top-notch! Stop into our showroom at 919 N Nolan River Road in Cleburne to see a small fraction of the tile available! Or contact us today and get your free estimate on new tile floors

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Carpet Flooring

Carpet is the most popular choice for flooring, largely because of its ease of care, as well as its sound and heat insulation qualities.  It’s also relatively inexpensive (compared to many hard surfaces).

Beautiful, warm, and durable carpets make any room more inviting. Stevan Buren Flooring offers a huge selection of carpet in hundreds of styles, and padding to go under it!

Stacey has put together a plethora of information in our blog. If you are considering carpet, we invite you to check it out!


Ask our specialists how quality carpeting can help create the custom look you’re searching for.

Our flooring installation experts can answer all of your questions. Give us a call! 817.558.6997

Our Savior BeforeDuring12.jpg
Brand new cork & bamboo floors installed at home in Cleburne Tx by the experts here at Stevan Buren

Cork & Bamboo Flooring

Cork and/or bamboo flooring is another popular option for our customers. Cork is naturally resistant to microbes, mold, mildew, and termites. With proper maintenance, it can last many decades. It’s easy to clean and even fire resistant. And unlike other natural woods, it’s springy–very comfortable underfoot.

Swanson, Mark Mohawk Windridge Mocha Hickory2.jpg

Hybrid Flooring

 What about hybrids?Hybrid wood floors are a mix of laminate and hardwood. They’re relatively hard to find these days simply because engineered hardwoods have essentially taken over the niche hybrids once held. They have a thin layer of real wood on top of a high-density fiber core. Hybrid wood floors install just like laminate can be refinished gently if needed. They have the benefit of being real wood on top, so there’s no repeating patterns, but they are still fiber in the middle, and are prone to the same wear damage as laminate.Stevan Buren Flooring carries natural and engineered wood flooring from Shaw Flooring, Mohawk, LW Flooring, US Floors, Texas Traditions, and Mullican. 

Harris, Phil Flooring Coretec Raw13.jpg


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