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Roof Installation & Full Roof Replacement For Cleburne, Burleson, Granbury & More

Residential Roofing Job completed by our expert roofers for a customer

Roof Installation &  Replacements

Your roof Installation & full replacement protect, is your biggest investment for your home. An ignored leak can only get worse and could result in interior damage or even mold and roof deck rotting. No matter your current roofing material, Stevan Buren Roofing can repair your leak, and if needed, give you the chance to start fresh with a new roof and look. Insurance specialists are on staff to help you navigate any needed residential roofing claims. We are currently providing residential roofing services to the Johnson County, Hood, Hill, Tarrant, & Parker County, along with anyone within an hour of Cleburne, TX.

Owen Corning Build Your Roof Tool

A complete roof replacement done with metal roofing by our expert installers

Metal Roof Installation Replacement

With its sleek look and low maintenance requirement, metal roofing has become more and more popular in full roof replacements in Texas homes over the past few years. Because of its incredible durability, high energy efficiency, and fire resistance, metal roofing is a favorite of insurance companies, too. Let us help you choose the correct profile and show you the differences in the many metal options from which to choose for your next roof replacement.

Owens Corning shingles installed on a customers house

Shingle Roof

Roof shingles are the most common type of residential roofing material used in North America. Composition shingles can range from 25 years to a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, and come in a variety of shapes and colors, including dimensional and architectural styles. Some are even engineered to be impact resistant– a real value in hail season! Please ask us how impact resistant shingles can help you save on your homeowner’s insurance. Also check out the most popular shingle colors.


Other Types of Roof Installation Options

Specialty roofing, including tile roofing, aluminum, slate, stone, coated steel, and more. These are popular choices for homeowners who want a particular look, extra durability, or old world charm. Slate and tile roofs have been used for thousands of years for good reason. Let us explore how we can help you with a specialty roof replacement! Or if you are just in need of a roof repair call us at 817-558-6997 to set up a cost-free roof assessment or fill out our contact form and we will reach out to you directly

What to Expect With Your Roof Installation Project


Assessment and Inspection

  • We will conduct a thorough inspection to identify areas of damage, leaks, and other issues.

  • Evaluate the overall condition of the roofing material, seams, flashing, and drainage systems.


Scheduling and Planning

  • After having all the necessary documentation we will work diligently to get your project in motion, based on your home needs.

  • We work extremely hard to make sure we do not hinder your businesses everyday work as much as possible.


Quality Control and Inspection

  • Our team will conduct quality control checks throughout the repair process.

  • Inspecting completed repairs to ensure they meet the highest industry standards.

  • We will verify that the roof is effectively sealed and that drainage systems are functioning correctly.


Documentation & Cost Estimate

  • We will provide a detailed assessment report from our commercial roofing expert.

  • Included in that assessment report will be cost estimate for the necessary repairs or replacements for your specific roof.

  • Filing the insurance claim when applicable.


Roof Repair & Replacement

  • Beginning the repair work according to the agreed-upon schedule.

  • Repair or replace damaged roofing materials, fix leaks, and address any identified issues.

  • Ensure that repairs are carried out in compliance with industry excellence and material specifications.


Cleanup & Post Repairs

  • Remove debris & materials resulting from the repair work.

  • Ensure the work area is clean and safe.

  • We encourage you to have us monitor the roof periodically especially after storms, to identify any issues that may arise. This is extremely important as insurance requires action be taken promptly after a storm that may have caused new damages.

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