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Stevan Buren Commercial Roofers laying down a single ply membrain system also know as TPO
Our roofing crew in Austin, TX
Finished TPO roofing project done in Dallas, TX

TPO Roofing - Everything You Need To Know

In the dynamic world of commercial roofing, businesses are constantly seeking durable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective solutions to protect your investment. Thermoplastic Olefin (TPO) roofing has emerged as a top choice for many commercial enterprises, offering a host of benefits that contribute to its increasing popularity. This article dives into the advantages of TPO roofing and outlines the importance of not only an high grade roofing system, but also the importance of hiring a quality commercial roofing contractor to ensure correct results.

Understanding TPO Roofing:

TPO roofing is a single-ply roofing membrane composed of a blend of polypropylene and ethylene-propylene rubber. This combination results in a highly reflective and durable material, making it an excellent choice for commercial roofing applications. TPO roofing is known for its flexibility, weather resistance, and energy-efficient properties.

Advantages of TPO Roofing:

  1. Energy Efficiency: TPO roofing is highly reflective, giving it the ability to reflect a significant amount of sunlight and UV rays. This reflective quality helps to maintain a cooler temperature on the roof surface, reducing the heat absorption into the building. Consequently, businesses can experience lower cooling costs during hot weather, contributing to increased energy efficiency.

  2. Durability and Weather Resistance: TPO roofing exhibits exceptional durability and can withstand a variety of weather conditions, including hail, rain, and high winds. Its resistance to ultraviolet exposure ensures that it remains stable and doesn't degrade over time. This durability is a crucial factor for businesses looking for a long-lasting roofing solution that requires minimal maintenance.

  3. Cost-Effective Installation: TPO roofing is relatively lightweight compared to other roofing materials, making it easier and faster to install. The efficiency of the installation process can translate into cost savings for businesses. Additionally, the material itself is typically more affordable than some other commercial roofing options, making TPO roofing a cost-effective choice for budget-conscious enterprises.

  4. Seam Strength: The seams of a roofing membrane are critical points of vulnerability. TPO roofing is heat-welded during installation, creating seams that are as strong as the membrane itself. This results in a cohesive and watertight roofing system that is less prone to leaks, offering businesses peace of mind and protection against water damage.

  5. Environmentally Friendly: TPO roofing is recognized for its environmentally friendly attributes. As a recyclable material, it contributes to sustainable building practices. Additionally, the energy-efficient properties of TPO roofing can help businesses reduce their carbon footprint by lowering their reliance on heating and cooling systems.

Importance of Hiring a Quality Commercial TPO Roofing Contractor

  1. Expertise and Experience: A quality commercial roofing contractor brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the table. With an in-depth understanding of TPO roofing and its nuances, these professionals can navigate the intricacies of installation, ensuring a seamless and effective roofing system.

  2. Compliance with Industry Standards: Commercial roofing projects must adhere to stringent industry standards and building codes. A reputable contractor is well-versed in these regulations and ensures that the TPO roofing installation complies with all relevant guidelines. This is crucial for the safety and longevity of the roofing system.

  3. Customized Solutions: Each commercial building has unique requirements, and a quality roofing contractor recognizes the importance of tailored solutions. From the selection of TPO roofing thickness to the appropriate installation techniques, a skilled contractor customizes the project to meet the specific needs and challenges of the commercial property.

  4. Timely and Efficient Installation: Time is often of the essence in commercial roofing projects. A quality contractor understands the importance of completing the installation in a timely manner to minimize disruptions to business operations. Their efficiency not only saves time but also reduces labor costs for the client.

  5. Warranty and Maintenance: A reputable commercial roofing contractor stands behind their work with warranties that provide clients with peace of mind. Additionally, they offer maintenance services to prolong the life of the TPO roofing system, addressing any issues promptly and preventing potential damage.


TPO roofing stands as a versatile and cost-effective solution for commercial enterprises seeking a durable and energy-efficient roofing system. To maximize the benefits of TPO roofing, it is crucial to partner with a quality commercial roofing contractor. Their expertise, adherence to industry standards, and commitment to customized, timely installations ensure that businesses can enjoy a reliable and long-lasting TPO roofing solution. As the commercial roofing landscape evolves, TPO roofing and a trusted contractor such as Stevan Buren Commercial Roofing become indispensable allies for businesses looking to protect their assets and enhance their environmental stewardship.

TPO Roofing system being installed by Stevan Buren Commercial Roofing Team

Commercial TPO Roofing Repair & Replacement

Stevan Buren Commercial Roofing specializes in TPO roofing for businesses in need of quality repairs and installations. Here, we understand the importance of keeping your business's roof in the best shape possible, and we are dedicated to providing fast and reliable service to get you back up and running in no time.

What to Expect With Your TPO Roof Repair and Replacement


Assessment and Inspection

  • We will conduct a thorough inspection to identify areas of damage, leaks, or other issues.

  • Evaluate the overall condition of the roofing material, seams, flashing, and drainage systems.



  • We have experienced knowledge with local authorities to determine if any permits are required for the roof repair or full replacement work. If needed the proper permitting will be filed and obtained before your project begins.


Safety Precautions

  • We will implement safety measures to protect workers and building occupants during the repair work.

  • Our team takes great pride in ensuring the safety of everyone that will be in and around the structure.


Quality Control and Inspection

  • Our team will conduct quality control checks throughout the repair process.

  • Inspecting completed repairs to ensure they meet the industry standards.

  • We will verify that the roof is effectively sealed and that drainage systems are functioning correctly.


Documentation and Cost Estimate

  • We will provide a detailed assessment report from our commercial roofing expert.

  • Included in that assessment report will be cost estimate for the necessary repairs or replacements for your specific TPO roof.


Scheduling and Planning

  • After having all the necessary documentation we will work diligently to get your project in motion, based on your business needs.

  • We work extremely hard to make sure we do not hinder your businesses everyday work as much as possible.


Roof Repair & Replacement Work

  • Beginning the repair work according to the agreed-upon schedule.

  • Repair or replace damaged roofing materials, fix leaks, and address any identified issues.

  • Ensure that repairs are carried out in compliance with industry excellence and material specifications.


Cleanup & Post Repairs

  • Remove debris and materials resulting from the repair work.

  • Ensure the work area is clean and safe.

  • We encourage you to have us monitor the roof periodically especially after storms, to identify any issues that may arise. This is extremely important as insurance requires action be taken promptly after a storm that may have caused new damages.

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