Kensington High Performance Products

Kensington HPP Lift & Slide Patio DoorA Kensington HPP Lift/Slide Patio Door will fill a room with light and provide an unobstructed view to the outside. Our PVC door system provides state of the art technology tailored to your specifications. It will become the central design element of any room.

HHigh-quality hardware is standard on our Lift & Slide doors. The smooth operating handles are available in brushed nickel satin finish and polished brass or they can be color-matched to the vinyl. By turning the handle a full 180 degrees, the operating panel unlatches and can be easily rolled along its track on stainless steel rollers to provide ventilation or egress.

A two-panel Lift & Slide door up to 20 feet wide can be operated with just 5 pounds of force!