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Why Fall Is the Best Time for Roof Repair

Best Time for a roof repair

If you’ve put off roof repair for your home, the best time to get the job done is during the fall. This is the season when the weather’s pleasant—not too hot or too cold. It’s a time of year when business for roofing contractors slows down and you don’t have to wait weeks to get on the schedule. Here are some reasons fall is the ideal time of the year to fix those nagging roof issues once and for all.

Storm Season Has Ended

storm damage on a roof

Mother Nature lets loose her fury during the spring and late summer in Texas. During these months, roofs can become damaged from heavy rainfall, high winds, hail, and extreme heat. When the weather calms in the fall, it’s the perfect time to assess any damage and make repairs. Also, with fewer rainy days, local roofing contractors can make repairs without weather delaying the project.

Cooler Temperatures

When temperatures cool off, it’s easier for roofing contractors to make certain roof repairs. For example, do you need to replace sections of missing asphalt shingles? This is a material commonly used in Texas homes, and when temperatures are too hot, the thermal sealing used to apply asphalt shingles doesn’t take as well. Cooler temperatures allow roofing materials to adhere firmly to the roof. Cooler temperatures also make it more pleasant for roofers to do their jobs. It gets hot with the sun blazing. If you don’t need emergency roof repairs, your local roofers will thank you for waiting until daytime temperatures are more comfortable.

Save Money on Your Roof Repair

Fall is considered the off-season in the roofing industry. The work slows down, and this means many roofing companies are more likely to offer deals. If you’re interested in getting a discount on roofing services, autumn is a good time to make a deal.

Lower Your Energy Bills

Texas doesn’t get cold like some parts of the country. Yet, it still dips into the 30s and 40s during winter. Wouldn’t it be nice to fix holes and other roof problems that contribute to heat loss? You want to be toasty and comfortable in your home during the winter. A newly repaired roof can help you do this. Roof Repair on a Commercial Budget Fall isn’t just a good time for residential roof repairs. If you own a commercial building with some roof problems, the third quarter is a great time to invest in a repair project. If your business’s budget doesn’t allow unused funds to roll over to the next year, then you need to use that money. Hiring commercial roofing contractors gets your roof in good condition and helps you use up your maintenance budget just in time for the new year.

What about Roof Replacement?

a roofer repairing and replacing shingles

Has your home’s roof been on its last leg for a while? Have you repaired your roof so much it looks like a patchwork quilt? Fall is also a great time for replacing old and tired roofs. If you need roof repair or replacement for your home or business, contact the best roofing contractors in San Antonio, TX, and Austin. Call Stevan Buren Roofing today at (817) 558-6997 to schedule roofing services.


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