Most popular shingle colors

Most popular shingle colors

I’ve been on a data kick lately, analyzing all kinds of statistics for our company. One of the things I looked at recently (partly because I’m trying to choose a color of shingle for my own house), is general popularity of roof color in the area. The sales guys have always said that Driftwood is one of our most popular shingle colors, but as I looked at color statistics for 2017 so far, I was a little surprised by how popular it is. Looking back at last year’s numbers, these seem to hold true in general.

So far in 2017:

Owens Corning Driftwood61% Owens Corning Driftwood

Nearly two thirds of the roofs we install are Owens Corning shingles in the color Driftwood. As a designer, I can totally understand why. It’s the most truly neutral shingle we offer. It looks good against every color siding and every color brick that we have encountered. And it does a cool color trick: Against brown trim it looks grey; against grey trim it looks brown. Many new construction contractors choose this color for that reason, and homeowners tend to opt for the same color it had before when doing roof replacements.

Owens Corning Estate Grey14% Owens Corning Estate Grey

This color goes through spurts. There will be weeks at a time when this is more popular than Driftwood, but then it will receive no attention for a month. We find that this color looks amazing on houses with light greys and blues on the house itself.

Owens Corning Onyx Black9% Owens Corning Onyx Black

One or two roofs a month get bold Onyx Black. We spoke with some roofers in California at a conference recently and they said this is their most popular color there. It’s striking, though not terribly energy efficient, since it absorbs a lot of heat.

Owens Corning Brownwood7% Owens Corning Brownwood

This is what I’m leaning toward for my own house. It’s a classic warm reddish dark brown, so will look very nice on a white or very light warm gray farmhouse. It’s becoming more popular with new construction custom homes.

Owens Corning Desert Tan5% Owens Corning Desert Tan

This is a statement color. It’s one of the lighter colors, so it’s more energy efficient in that it reflects more heat than say, Onyx Black.

4% Other

The rest of what we’ve done so far in 2017 consists of Shasta White, Aged Cedar, and Teak by Owens Corning, as well as the very occasional GAF, Decra, and Tamko shingle in various colors.