Stevan Buren

Stevan Buren has created the best team of professionals in the industry.

John Buren, Chief of Commercial Operations

John Buren

John Buren is our Residential and Commercial Sales Manager, ensuring all customers have a premium experience and ensuring the best solutions are provided.

Jim Buren, Sales Manager at Stevan Buren Roofing, Windows, & Flooring

Jim Buren

Jim Buren runs our Install Department for the Residential Installations of Roofs, Windows, Flooring, and Remodel Projects.

Meagan Thomson, Office Manager at Stevan Buren Roofing, Windows, & Flooring

Meagan Thomson

Meagan Thomson is our Office Administrator, making sure our office runs well and ensuring everyone has everything they need to function as a Premier Contractor.

Justin Wolthuis, Project Manager

Justin Wolthuis

Justin is our hands on expert on all our projects, running to projects and making sure our guys stay on schedule to ensure a quality and timely finish to your project.

Martina Molina, Admin

Martina Molina

Martina is our Administrative Assistant and is a staple in our company.  She helps answer phone calls and schedule appointments with new and existing customers.

Matthew Elliott, Sales

Matt Elliott

Matt Elliott is our Assistant Sales Manager and a Customer favorite regarding new projects.  Matt has an extensive background in roofing and knows how to find and tailer the perfect solution to each and every customer.

Sergio Navarette, Sales | Flooring Specialist

Sergio Navarette

Sergio was our lead floor installer before stepping into the office to walk customers through our premium flooring solutions.

James Mosier, Sales at Stevan Buren Roofing, Windows, & Flooring

James Mosier

James is one of our top salesmen and has an extensive history of roofing, windows, and flooring solutions.  Returning customers seem to ask for James over and over again to help them make their next home improvement solutions.