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Metal roofing / roof coating

Location:  919 N. Main Street, Cleburne, TX 76033

Date of Project: 06/02/2020

Type of Project: Replace current roof.

Type of Roof Removed: R-Panel metal roof

Type of Roof Installed: R-Panel metal roof with silicone coating.

Total Square Feet Replaced: Approximately 18,000 sq ft.

Warranty on this project: 15 year material & labor warranty.

Product Brand: PM (Progressive Materials) High Solids Silicone for roof coating.

Scope: With this project the first thing that needed to be done was to pressure wash the sides of the roof that were not going to be replaced. After we let this dry we then removed the existing r-panel and replaced it with new steel R-panel. We then needed to install roughly 125 lineal feet of foam closure strips that were missing on parapet walls (the raised barriers at the edge of the roof). All the horizontal seams were then taped with 4″ fabric backed butyl tape and sealed. Fasteners and protrusions were also sealed with Progressive trowel grade seam sealer. Lastly we applied the roof coating with Progressive, high solids silicone which included parts of the roof and the interior gutter and parapet walls