Houston: Fountain Square Shopping Center


Location: Fountain Square Shopping Center, Bellaire Blvd in Houston, Texas
Date of Project: August 2018
Type of Project: Partial Roof Replacement
Type of Roof Removed: Tar & Gravel
Type of Roof Installed: Modified Bitumen, white
Total Square Feet Replaced: 5600
Warranty on this project: 10 years

Scope: The project included 1) fixing a leaking air conditioner drain pipe, 2) removing the existing material on the specified section of roof, 3) identifying and repairing holes in the substrate material, 4) building a curb to isolate the repair (so we may warranty it), 5) installing white modified bitumen roofing material, 6) applying silicone coating to specified metal surfaces. We completed this project on schedule and within budget.



We found an almost sure sign of a leaky roof, water stains on the ceiling: 

We climbed up on the roof and found this:

Leaky A/C drain makes areas of standing water   Old gravel with accumulated detritus

Leaky air conditioning drains, as well as areas of standing water, allowed grass to thrive. In other areas, broken bits of masonry and other detritus had accumulated.

Stevan Buren Commercial Roofing Spudding Machine

We started by removing the old tar & gravel on this portion of the roof. We used a spudding machine, designed specifically for this purpose, to take up as much material as possible, while leaving the substrate smooth. The excess material was deposited into a haul-off dumpster. We swept the area clean, patched areas where needed, and prepped it for installation of modified bitumen.

Patching the roof

Stevan Buren Commercial Roofing

Stevan Buren Commercial Roofing

Detail shot!