Windows in Glen Rose

Glen Rose Windows Outside

This is actually Jim’s house in Glen Rose, which officially goes on the market today. When he bought the house two years ago, it looked like the photo on the left. A previous owner had installed weird little quarter-round windows above the main windows. The concept was a good one, but the execution was awful. Naturally Jim, being a window guy, had to fix it. The photo on the right was taken yesterday. The transformation isn’t drastic, but it makes a big difference in the overall look of the home.

Here are the views from inside:

Glen Rose Windows--inside view

As you can see, the windows are actually in different rooms. You can also see that whoever installed the former tiny quarter-round windows was not an expert. Jim’s 40 years of experience allowed him to design and install windows that actually fit the space, despite the challenge of the sloped ceiling.

Not only does it look better, but the windows themselves are Kensington windows, with MUCH higher energy-efficiency ratings!