Window efficiency wins a martini bet!

A couple of years ago, we installed new Quantum windows in the sun room of a home here in Cleburne. The homeowner came in earlier this week asking if we had a copy of the efficiency stickers that were on them.

While we were rounding up the stickers, she told us the story.

Her neighbor, who is an engineer, had visited her home and noticed how cool her sun room is despite having so many windows. She told him about her Quantum windows from Kensington HPP, with a through-the glass R-value of nearly R-6, and U-factor under .2.  He claimed that was impossible. “You can’t get a U-factor under .3,” he said. She couldn’t find her paperwork to prove it, but knew she could get it.

So they bet a martini on it.

Kensington windows are made after they’re ordered, and each window is tested for efficiency before it leaves the plant. It so happens that Quantums are the most energy efficient windows available on the market. This is a copy of the actual sticker for one of her windows (all were identical).

Copy of actual efficiency sticker

I wish we could be there to share the martini he’s buying!