VIDEO: Zimmerman review

The Zimmermans wanted to have the grass-style hut roof on their outdoor kitchen replaced with a shingled roof! They called around and chose us to do the work. Photos are included in the video, and you can also CLICK HERE to see those.


DONNA: I thought they were very professional. They handled themselves very well in the fact that they told us what they were going to be doing, you know, what we wanted, how we designed it, but they still worked with us, and I just found that they were just a very professional group as a whole.

DAVID: I’d seen their trucks around town and they weren’t the only ones that I called for this estimate. But they were the ones that came out and were the most professional, listened to what we were looking for and not what they wanted to do. So, we were happy from that aspect right there. When I called Buren Roofing and uh Jim and Justin showed up, they were very easy going, very nice guys, um, it wasn’t chuck in a truck, just really personable fellas, which kind of led me to make my decision right there and then with them. And even moreso after the other companies showed up. Heh. There was no question about who I was going to give my business to.  When I called the people that we had bought the outdoor kitchen from, and I asked them uh what it was gonna cost to put another tiki hut cover, the grass type cover on it, probably about a thousand dollars. This one’s been on there eighteen months. They said eighteen to twenty months is about the lifespan. And I thought every eighteen to twenty months I’m gonna have to spend a grand? I don’t think so. So that’s when I called–started calling around, and Jim and Justin from Stevan Buren Roofing were the first ones to come out. And they got excited about it actually. They said they’d never done anything like this before, but they were sure they could do it. And there wasn’t “Well, we think we can do it, or we’d like to try it. It was no we can do this. And it was a fair price, very fair. We figured in our head what it was gonna cost, and they came in right in that.

DONNA: And they knew how to work together with us, and that’s the part that we were really impressed with, was how well they worked with us. And not against us, or telling us you need to do it this way or that way. They worked with us.

DAVID: Just from the way that they handled themselves, and the work that they did for us… If I have any roofing problems, He’ll be the guy I call. Um, our insurance company usually, if we have a problem, they’ll handle all that for us, but I will tell my insurance company, Stevan Buren is the one we want to use.

DONNA: And I agree, totally.

DAVID: In fact, we talked to Justin while he was here about the windows, so at some point here, we’re gonna go down and look at the windows, too. That’s just kind of the good feeling we have about this company and the people that deal with that.