Video: True Cost of New Vinyl Windows

New vinyl windows will PAY FOR THEMSELVES in under seven years.

Say what?

Seriously! If you have wood or aluminum windows, or even older vinyl windows, NEW vinyl windows are a LOT more energy efficient, and a house full of them can cut your heating and cooling costs by up to 50%. That’s HALF!!

The money you save on fuel bills pays for the new windows in a little more than six and a half years. And after the money is recouped… the windows CONTINUE to save money on fuel bills.

This is why the owners of the Empire State Building in NYC replaced all 6500+ windows with Quantum technology windows–to save money in the long run.

In this video, our window expert Jim Buren breaks down the true cost of new vinyl windows using an actual customer’s project as an example. He references Window Replacement (vinyl) numbers from the 2018 National Cost vs Value study done by Remodeling magazine– you can find that here: Cover of Cost vs Value report by Remodeling magazine

A better look at the details from the video:



(The customer actually purchased Quantum windows, but we figured the numbers for a Kingston scenario as well).