VIDEO: Petross review of SBRWF

Before and After pics included in the video!
Mr. Petross built this house himself nearly 35 years ago. It was sturdy, but aging. With our help, he and his wife now have a beautifully updated, energy-efficient home in which to enjoy retirement! They got a new metal roof, new insulation and siding, new kick-booty Kensington HPP windows (the most energy-efficient windows on the market), and new ProVia doors.  Since the original video was recorded, Stevan Buren Roofing, Windows, and Flooring has also helped them remodel a bathroom and their kitchen. Big thanks to the Petrosses for sitting down with us to talk about their experience!


JOYCE: My initial contact was just by phone after seeing a yard sign in a neighborhood. My husband and I had both tried to contact other people who might help us out with our remodeling project because we knew it was going to be a big project. So we called and set an appointment. Jim Buren came out at the specified time on the day we had set aside to discuss our remodeling project.

GENE: When he came he was extremely knowledgeable about all facets of remodeling. And we were impressed that they had the people, the different crews to do all the various things in a timely fashion where it wouldn’t be stretched out over a long period of time. And then contacts after that were always timely, no problem getting him on the phone anytime. Always returned our calls, and it’s been great working with Jim and all the people at the company that have worked with us so far.

JOYCE: I sensed that, whenever he was talking to us, that he was there for our best interest, not just to promote his company, but if he were doing it, this is his recommendation, and then we would decide on our own. He gave us several options and told us the benefits of the product, or if we were looking at the windows and so forth, the things that we were doing in the remodeling.

GENE: All the products that he recommended, I could tell he really believed in and he’d used them before. Never was the sort of thing where “we’ve got—we’re overstocked with all this stuff we’ve got to get rid of somewhere, let’s use that,” but rather “this is the best thing for what you’re wanting to do.” So I was really impressed with the products and so forth, and for what we’ve got done so far, they’ve really worked like he said. The windows especially have made a huge difference.

JOYCE: When we were discussing the siding, Jim recommended taking and wrapping the house, and that way it would have more insulation, and we can tell that difference already with this cold weather that came in. It’s just much warmer, we don’t have those cold spots. It’s been nice… to have done that. I’m glad he recommended that because we had not thought of that at all.

GENE: There’s that feeling of trust that everything they’ve told us they would do, they’ve done. And we feel like we can– well we do leave them with the job often, and it’s good to know that you can trust them with their work, and being at the house, everything.

JOYCE: I think they have our best interest in mind, and so that’s a real comforting feeling when you know that they have sort of that personal connection, because Jim has said sometimes, I don’t want to do anything or suggest anything that I don’t feel would be the right thing for you to choose, or that I wouldn’t want to use myself, so that feeling, that connection is really nice to have.

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