Video: Hargrove Review of SBRWF


RON: They came out–in fact, they came out the day after I called just so they could get the temporary tarps on the roof, so I was really happy about that, especially as far as they had to come, to do that on the very next day, I was really happy about that. When they did the actual work, what I liked was they got the entire roof done in one day, which was beyond my expectation, and the second day they completed all the other stuff, like repairing the interior damage that had been done by the storm, replacing all the gutters on the house, and repairing the A/C unit outside, and then the final inspection and cleanup. And in two days we were done.

Matthew is definitely professional, he was knowledgeable, very personable. I actually enjoyed the time he was here, talking with him, and I can’t say that with sales people very often.

The crew that came, they were professional, they were busy the entire time, there was no slacking off. I appreciated that they put down so many huge tarps to protect our lawn and shrubs. That was really nice. Part of their whole cleanup thing, they were very conscientious about that. I was real happy with them.

CHERYL: It was just very professionally done. I’ve seen other roofing companies, and people complain about them not taking care of shrubs, and just not being very considerate, and we didn’t have that situation at all. It was a good cleanup afterward, and everything was just well done.

RON: One thing I liked, they told me what to expect and kept me updated at different points during the whole process, and they stuck to it. They did what they said they were going to do, I liked that, and the fact that they had everything completed in two days was beyond what I’d hoped for, really.

CHERYL: Actually, probably not as important, but I liked when they came out and put the tarps up because we were getting more storms, so it was nice to have that done and up there, because I don’t think we didn’t have the roof done for a couple of weeks afterwards, I think, so it was just nice not to worry about that, and they covered a lot of the area with the tarps.

RON: I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to a friend.