Video: Corder Review


We needed to update a bathroom and to enlarge a shower, so that’s been the main thing is to get the bathroom where it’s safer and easier for us.

Gloria was wonderful. She took us through I don’t know how many hundreds of tiles we looked at. But we found exactly the right one that was rough enough and the right color and easy to walk on. She took us to find the granite that we would want. She helped us– she looked up all kinds of things and so she’s wonderful. And the sales staff were always very up front and forward and told us exactly what we needed to know.

From the people who did the demolition–they had to take out a vanity and a shower and a bathtub. And they did it with very little mess and very little problem–to the people who painted and very carefully took the popcorn off and put a new ceiling up to the tiler who was I think here about three times by the time we got everything done and was absolutely wonderful and is a real craftsman.

My favorite thing is the granite top. I love the granite that we picked out. I love that top and every time I go in it makes me smile. His favorite thing is the bench in the shower, ‘cause he can sit down and shower, we both like the hose cause we’ve never had one of those, we like the shower head that detaches and we can shower sitting on the bench. We also like the flooring, and Gloria suggested that we put new tile in and I’m very glad we did because we have a rougher tile and it’s an easier tile to walk on, even when it’s wet we don’t feel that it’s slick.

I was just very impressed with all the workmanship and craftsmanship and we had two—Justin and Jason who traded off because they were doing other jobs, and they both kept up and knew exactly what was going on, and they managed everything.