Tuesday Highlight: Commercial Roof

We’ve been featuring lots of gorgeous tile work in our Tuesday Job Highlights recently, so today I want to show some love to our kick-booty roofing crews. They tackled a commercial roof recently for a company headquarters in San Antonio. Not only did they rock the job, they did it in under a week while away from their families.

The sloped portions of the roof had shingles over wood shakes. We stripped off all layers down to the wood laths (to which the wood shakes were attached). We then decked the roof, applied underlayment, ice & water, etc, and re-shingled.

Infotouch laths

Infotouch decking

Infotouch shingles

The rear portion of the building has a flat roof that had tar and gravel surface, which we removed. In this pic we’ve already removed the old roof material and have started applying the new torch-down roofing material. For comparison, the building in the immediate foreground (very bottom of pic) has tar & gravel.

Infotouch flat

Like many flat roof systems,this area was cluttered with air-handling systems, ductwork, pipes, vents, conduit, and more, as you can see in the photo. Each obstacle presents a small challenge when applying any roofing material, but our crews are amazing. They worked together, often needing to squeeze under ducts, to get the job done.


The end result is, dare I say, rather… pretty?

Infotouch torch

A job well done.