Roofing Materials: The Significance of Right Ones

Since the roof has such a crucial role for your home, it’s essential that you get the right roofing materials. Read on to find out why:

Energy Efficiency Roofing Materials

Installing Roof TilesThere are lots of new energy-efficient roofing options available today. That’s all thanks to major technological advances in design and manufacturing.

Choose roofing materials that limit solar heat gain and those that have high Energy Star ratings. They reflect sunlight rather than absorb it, keeping your HVAC system from working hard to cool your entire home. When your air conditioner doesn’t run as much, you don’t have to spend a great deal of money on electricity bills, either.

Family Safety

Your roof is your first line of defense against extreme weather. If it’s made of unsuitable, low-quality materials, it’ll be prone to cracking and leaking. Both of which expose you and your loved ones to health hazards and other harsh elements. It’ll also put your valuables at risk of water damage.

In addition, certain roofing materials are more susceptible to mold, mildew, and bacterial growth. They can make their way into your home, triggering allergies or causing illnesses in the family.

Curb Appeal

Choosing the right roofing materials not only saves you money and protects your family from serious hazards; it also works wonders in improving the appearance of your home and increasing its resale value. That’s crucial if you’re planning to sell your property. As they say, first impressions matter.

Contractors who offer roofing services will guide you through the whole selection process, matching the material with your home’s architectural style. They’ll help you get a roof that performs well and looks great, too.

Value for Money

Getting a roof installed is an expensive investment, and you don’t want to undergo the process more often than necessary. So, it’s best to select the right component from the very beginning. Pick one that’s durable and can withstand the test of time and elements. Metal, asphalt, clay tile, wood shake, and slate are some of the long-wearing roofing materials you can buy today.

Insurance Premiums

You may be eligible to receive discounts on your premium, depending on the roofing material you install. Policy providers can offer as high as 35% off your insurance fees when you use impact-resistant roofs since these components are less susceptible to damage. They give the best performance during high wind and hailstorms.

Many of these roofs, particularly those made of metal with Class 4 rating, can withstand the impact of a 2-inch diameter steel ball. Meanwhile, most shingles aren’t impact-rated and typically run an expense of 10%-20% more than other options.

roofing materials Longer Lifespan Roofing Materials

When you have the right roofing materials installed, you don’t have to worry if the next storm will expose your home to leaks and irreparable damage. You’ll know that your family is safe, and you won’t be paying for expensive repairs anytime soon. While it’s true that a roof will eventually need some cleaning and maintenance, one with the right materials will last longer.

Picking the right components should always be a priority for the safety of your family and the beauty of your residence. Your roof is largely visible from the street, so it plays a key role in the resale value and curb appeal. Getting a professional roofing company in Austin, TX, that can expertly install the material is equally essential. Contact Stevan Buren Roofing to request a free estimate today.