The Different Types of Commercial Roofing: An Overview

types of commercial roofingThough many people lump all modes of roofing together, there are some clear differences between commercial roofing and residential roofing. While there are different methods used and varying demands for the roofing surfaces installed in both applications, one of the biggest areas of difference is in the types of roofs that are installed and the materials that are used. Within the arena of commercial roofing in Austin, TX, there are many different types of materials and styles that are used to meet a diversity of roofing needs.

If you are planning a roofing project on a commercial structure, it’s a good idea to consult with a commercial roofing contractor to help you determine your options when it comes to materials and roofing types. Keep reading to learn more about the different types of roofing used in commercial applications.

Built-Up Roofing Membrane (BUR)

Built-Up Roofing Membrane, or BUR, is a popular type of roof in commercial applications because it can be used on the flat roof surfaces that are common on commercial structures. It’s also a basic roofing style that is affordable and effective. It involves a layer of roofing tar that makes the surface waterproof and embedded gravel which makes the roof surface more resilient. It’s also customizable to customer needs in that the number of layers can be adjusted to meet budgetary constraints better or to provide a more robust, long-lasting roof for those who aren’t as concerned with the price point.

Metal Roofing

Metal is one of the most diverse roofing materials on the market today regardless of its application, as it brings incredible selection, great durability, and a respectable price point. Though metal itself can rust with exposure to the elements, many modern metal roofing materials are coated with special treatments that protect from oxidation. Metal roofing is sustainable, durable, aesthetically attractive, fire-resistant, and wind-resistant. There are many types of metal roofing materials, including corrugated galvanized steel, aggregates of coated steel, steel tiles, copper, tin, zinc, steel, and stone-coated steel.

Modified Bitumen Roofing

Modified bitumen roofing is a hybrid roofing type that is similar to BUR roofing but features an additional feature designed to increase strength and resiliency. With this type of roofing, bitumen is applied to pieces of carrier fabric, which is then cut and fastened to the roof in layers. They can tolerate a great deal of foot traffic without wear, and they are nearly maintenance-free when inspected annually.

Thermoset Membrane

Thermoset, also known as EPDM roofing, is an easily installed, resilient roofing material that is common in the commercial sector. It’s constructed from a single-ply rubber-like material, which gives it tremendous flexibility even in cold conditions and great resistance to UV light. It’s also resistant to acids and solvents and reflects light, which can help reduce energy costs.

Thermoplastic Membrane

types of commercial roofingThermoplastic polyolefin or polyvinyl chloride are two other durable, revolutionary roofing materials that are rising to prominence in the world of commercial roofing. Both are considered thermoplastic membranes, and they provide extreme seam strength that can be useful when a new roof is being applied over the old one. It’s lightweight, highly resistant to weather, UV light, punctures, chemicals and solvents, and bacterial growth.

Green Roofing

Green roofs are not only environmentally sound, but they are also extremely versatile in application. They are sustainable while providing excellent protection against the elements. They suffer little degradation from exposure to UV light, wind, and water, and they drain well to keep the integrity of the roofing surface intact. They also have beneficial energy efficiency qualities that make them an excellent choice for commercial roofing.

If you’re considering a commercial reroofing project, be sure to know the differences between the various types of roofs available. To learn more about the different types of commercial roofing, contact Stevan Buren Roofing at (214) 432-2593.