Stevan Buren Commercial Roofing at Cowboys Kickoff Luncheon!

We had the honor today of attending the Flowserve Cowboys Kickoff Luncheon benefiting the Courage House at Happy Hill Farm. We do whatever we can to support the folks at North Central Texas Academy, and we were excited to be a part of this event again! Almost the whole team got to attend.

Here’s our guys (from left: Sergio–with no hat!, James, Jim, John, Matthew, Justin, Jason).

Annnnd the ladies, Meagan and Martina.

A pic to show some of the scale of the event.

And the number of generous people…

Cowboys Kickoff Luncheon for Happy Hill Farm

It’s neat to get the ‘star’ treatment every once in a while!  Star treatment… Star? Get it? Nevermind.

This is what we contributed to the goody bags you see everyone carrying!