Restoring My Roofing System with Silicone Coating: Is It Possible?

Applying Coating to RooftopIf you’re concerned about the quality of your commercial roof, you might consider a partial or full roof replacement. But, did you know that roof restoration is a common practice? Roof restorations improve aging roofs while also saving you money and even providing you a brand-new roof warranty! It may surprise you to learn that you can restore your damaged business roof in Austin, TX.

One popular type of roofing restoration uses silicone coating. Could this practice benefit your business? Read on to learn more about how silicone coating could help your roof, if you qualify, and where to find these money-saving services.


Silicone is a durable but flexible synthetic material similar to rubber. It’s made of plastic and is extremely affordable as a roofing agent. Roofers can spray or roll a layer of silicone over your existing roof, giving it an added layer of durability and protection. Silicone coating looks smooth and is extremely long-lasting. A roofer can evaluate your existing roof and may perform maintenance to ensure the silicone is as effective as possible.


  • There are many benefits of turning to silicone coating restoration. First of all, you save money. You spend 50-70% less on silicone coating than hiring roofing services to perform a complete tear-off and replacement.
  • Also, silicone coating is a maintenance task that can be repeated as needed. This means that several new silicone coats can effectively restore your roof for a long period of time.
  • Silicone coating improves roof efficiency. The silicone reflects sunlight and absorbs less heat, helping you save money on cooling costs. With savings documented up to 35%, you may actually save more money than you spend on silicone coating restoration!
  • Best of all, you can still operate your business! Roof tear-offs and replacements usually require that you close your business for renovations. However, silicone coating is a superficial treatment. So, you can still run your business and make money. In fact, it may take up to 70% less time to restore your roof with silicone coating than replace it!

Who Qualifies?

Bucket of Roof CoatingYour roof will need to be in a certain state if you’re interested in silicone coating. This restoration technique can’t solve every problem, as useful as it is. Silicone coating only works on a dry roof with less than 25% active wetness. Also, the roof will need to be stable. If your roof has leaks or significant structural damage, you’ll likely need a complete tear-off. A silicone coating layer won’t be sufficient to keep the structure under your roof safe. If your business roofing is made of rubber, you’ll need to ask a roofer to inspect the roof seams first. Rubber roof seams may not stay intact as long, and water can infiltrate any gaps or lifts. Unfortunately, silicone coating isn’t the best form of restoration for rough built-up roofs–commonly made of tar and gravel. However, other restoration methods may be useful.

Do you want to be certain that your business roofing system qualifies for silicone coating restoration? Call Stevan Buren Roofing, the best roofing company in Austin, TX. We’re the local experts in roof installation, maintenance, repair, and restoration tasks like silicone coating. Call us today to get an evaluation and quote for our services.