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Jim and John answer some of the internets most asked questions about Windows

What is important in Window Selection?

There are several factors to consider in selecting a window such as:


Window styles go on and on, and you need to make sure you find the style that best suits your house.  There are several options such as; Picture Window, Casement Window, Awning, Double Hung, Single Hung, Hopper Window, Two or Three Section Slider, Transom, Bay Window, Bow Window, Garden Window, and the list goes on.


The type of window frame is important as well, each having its own pros and cons your most common selections will be: Aluminum, Vinyl, Wood, or Fiberglass

Energy Efficiency

In any weather, hot or cold, you want to ensure that your house stays at a comfortable temperature for you and your family.  You don’t want your windows affecting the temperature of your home, so finding a glass with optimal energy efficiency is key.


You want to make sure you are getting the best cost for the windows you are receiving.  Find a reputable contractor who will charge a fair price for product and installation.

When should I replace my windows?

Bottom Line, the sooner the better.   Replacing the windows in your home is almost the cheapest option in optimizing your homes energy efficiency.  The sooner you replace your windows, the sooner you begin reaping the benefits of lower energy costs and begin protecting your home from harmful UV rays which can deteriorate your furniture, floors, and belongings.

Why do my windows have condensation?

Windows do not create condensation, condensation is the moisture in the air going to the coldest point.  In most homes, the coldest point tends to be your windows.  If you have good windows, you shouldn’t have condensation, and if you do, you may have a humidity problem within your home.

How do I block Window Heat?

You can combat window heat with several options such as:

Low-E Coatings

These are a metal, usually titanium, fleck painted onto the interior panes of your glass.  This is a relatively clear coating that reflects the primary UV Heat rays.


The most typical window glass is Argon Gas which is denser than our atmospheric gas.  When you inject it into the window, it slows the process of heat transfer through the glass.  Another option is Krypton Gas is even heavier and denser gas and will do a better job in smaller spaces.

Applied Materials

You can also use applied materials like films or coatings directly on the surface of your glass.  You could also use a Heat mirror which is a mylar film inserted into the middle of the glass to allow two separate cavities to fill with Gas.  This solution will help block 99.8% of your damaging UV Rays.

Other Options

Curtains or solar screens are an alternative option, but this will darken your house and you won’t be able to use your windows for their intended purpose.

Check out this video to see what proper heat protection can do

How do I replace my windows?

Over time we have been asked to fix issues caused by homeowners or inexperienced contractors attempting to replace windows without the proper know-how or tools to effectively complete the job at hand.  It is key to find someone who has years of experience and the correct toolset to complete the job.  The efficiency of your home is at stake and is worth protecting.  It is worth the cost to call an expert to avoid future expenses.

Can you help me troubleshoot my windows software issue?


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