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Matt answers some of the internet’s top questions regarding Roofing

How do you replace a Roof?

Step 1

First, we will remove the existing roof, using a dump trailer we provide to dispose of all roofing material.  We will also make sure to cover your property with tarps and move anything fragile away from the house to minimalize any damage to your home or belongings.

Step 2

Once Roofing material has been removed, we will inspect the decking, felt paper and flashing to determine if any of that material will need to be replaced as well.

Step 3

After the substrate has been inspected, replaced, and repaired where necessary, we will install new felt paper and shingles using a 6-nail system for increased wind resistance.

Step 4

Finally, we will inspect and seal all areas to ensure your roof will properly shed water and prevent leaks.


What is a Square in Roofing?

A square in roofing is a 10’x10’ area or 100 square feet.

Example if you have a 2,000 square foot house, it would be a 20 square house *Note this does not correlate to the roof area


What roofing material is the most energy efficient?

Any Roofing material can be energy efficient with proper ventilation.  If you select the roof style that you like best, your roofer can optimize your roof to keep you comfortable.  However, there are several aspects that go into a well-ventilated home, including properly sealed windows and doors, and good insulation.


How do Roofing Insurance Claims work?

Most people will call their insurance company right off the bat for a potential claim, but a reputable roofer can also help inspect the damage up front and help you determine if the cost of the damage will exceed the deductible cost and if your claim will be worth filing with your insurance.

While we are not experts in Insurance Claims, we have a lot of experience working alongside homeowners to help them navigate their individual process and make sure you are being well taken care of.


Where can I find a reputable Roofing Company?

This is a unique question to your specific area. The things we like to look for in a reputable company are:

  • A well-reviewed company with a good online presence
  • A Physical location and storefront
  • Community Presence (You see their trucks, signs, and advertisements around the area)
  • Recommended by friends, family, and/or neighbors
  • Someone you have met and can trust working in and around your home