Low-tech vending machine

Almost as soon as we we moved into our new building, Justin asked if we could get a vending machine.  I talked to a few vending machine companies, who all agreed that we don’t have enough traffic through our break room to justify a vending machine, especially since snacks expire. It would not be worth the time or space for another company to place and maintain a machine in our facility.

So I looked on craigslist. Maybe we could buy our own machine… Holy nugget. Nope.

Then I started thinking much lower-tech.Low-Tech vending machine at Stevan Buren Roofing, Windows, and Flooring

I was in the closet-organization aisle at Walmart when I had an idea! I bought an over-the-door mesh shoe organizer and some snacks, and implemented our new vending machine the next day.  Our doors are too thick for the hanging hardware that came with it, so I screwed it to the wall.

So far it’s working well for us! Only one ‘dishonor’ and one IOU after a week.

Low tech vending machine runs on the honor system