Job Highlight: What lies beneath

Kitchen renovation - what lies beneath

This one’s a rather dramatic transformation. At first glance, it didn’t seem that bad, but it turned out that the robust linoleum was about the only thing holding this kitchen up!

kitchen renovation - what lies beneath

Linoleum floor cracking and buckling

The homeowners came to us with an insurance claim–some water damage in their kitchen had caused the floor to buckle and the linoleum to chip. They knew the whole kitchen floor and subfloor would need to be replaced.

Upon further investigation, we discovered that the damage was much worse than the insurance company had anticipated. Not only was the subfloor damaged, but the floor joists, cabinetry, insulation and drywall, too.

But insurance paperwork only specified the floor and subfloor.

As we uncovered the extent of the damage, we stepped in with the insurance company with full documentation, and managed to get these homeowners taken care of.

kitchen renovation - what lies beneath

Rotted joists and standing water.




We pulled out cabinets and appliances, then pulled up linoleum and wet, spongy subfloor. We discovered standing water under the house, rotted floor joists, soggy drywall, and damp insulation.


Spoiler: We worked with the insurance company and took care of all of it. We repaired the plumbing issues and all of the water damage, including joists, subfloor, insulation, drywall, and paint, then installed new floors, new cabinets, and new countertops. The result is a brand new kitchen!