Job highlight: Pergola

Castille Pergola

The homeowners sent us this photo of Mr. Homeowner delighting in their brand new 12×16-foot pergola, even in the rain.

Over the last year, this family has had us replace windows and a door, install new flooring, and a few other inside-the-house projects. So when they decided they needed a pergola in the back yard, they asked if we can do those. Looking at the cedar pergola we built inside our office, we said “We sure can!” (It’s right inside the front door and most people miss it.)

The above photo is the result. It took only a few days from start to finish, and the family is quite pleased, as you can see.

Feedback from Mrs. Homeowner:

“Just had a pergola built in the back yard. Beautiful job. We have been extremely happy with every job this company has done for us. Over the last 6 months they have put in new flooring, new windows, a new shower, and a new door. Very reasonable prices, easy to work with, friendly and considerate. Highly recommend this company.”

Here’s a few photos of another pergola we built recently:  (Link will open in a new tab.)

BTW, pergolas can be constructed in a vast array of configurations and styles. Ours are custom-built to suit your space. They are wholly crafted by our own people, so we can assure quality of material and craftsmanship. In other words, they don’t come as a pre-made kit, mass manufactured someplace else.

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