Herringbone Tile Floor Pattern: Job Highlight

Adair Herringbone Tile Before & After

I was so excited when I saw these pics! This floor is absolutely stunning, and is an illustration of a Friday Five blog I did a while ago. Rectangle tiles use the same amount of mastic and grout, no matter the pattern in which they’re installed. There are lots of different patterns, but this is a beautiful example of a herringbone tile floor /chevron pattern.

And look at that gorgeous transition seam! (!!!!) I literally almost swooned when I saw this. Here’s a close-up:

Gorgeous tile-to-hardwood seam

I’m sitting here trying to imagine the skill required for such a smooth, straight, visually pleasing transition from the hardwood to the herringbone tile floor. This pic is PROOF that my natural bias is irrelevant when I say that our installers are amazing.

Here’s a gallery of a few more pics. We also did the hall and laundry room in this home. You can see the tile laid in an offset pattern in those areas. Same tile, completely different look!

Five rectangle tile patterns