Job highlight: Griffin tile

Griffin tile before and after

Griffin shower tileRiver rock and faux brick makes for a ridiculously striking shower!

This is a recent bathroom renovation (we didn’t actually restructure anything, so not a remodel). The original bathroom was awash* with builder-standard square tile, white in the shower, beige on the floor. Grout had cracked with the settling of the house, creating spots for water infiltration, and thus some mold growth that was nearly impossible to control.

Sergio and his tiling crews to the rescue! He and the homeowner chose a brick-look porcelain tile for the walls, and real river rock mosaic for the floor and accent band. New shower fixture and door (not shown) complete the look.

Also in this renovation: installing new whitewashed-wood-look tile plank on the floor.

Together, the changes totally transformed the entire look of the bathroom. We didn’t even need to repaint (a rarity!), as the new tile worked quite well with the existing color on the walls.

Griffin tile before and after

*Stacey’s dork note: Awash. A wash! It’s a bathroom! Where you wash…. and it’s awash with square…. *ahem*