Job Highlight: Gaarz bathroom remodel

Gaarz bathroom remodel

Lots of area homeowners lately: “Bathtubs are sooooo last decade.”

Gaarz bathroom remodelIn all seriousness, we’ve been tearing out a lot of tubs lately. Seems big showers are a little more practical. This is another one of those projects. The Gaarz’s master bathroom had a teeny shower and a huge unused tub. They came to us for a solution.

We settled on a plan to expand the shower into the space originally occupied by the HIS sink, and relocate the HIS sink to the space originally occupied by the bathtub. To do that, we moved the door to one of the walk-in closets. While we were at it, we replaced the former builder-standar sit-down vanity and HERS sink with a beautiful vanity cabinet and sink, revamped the toilet closet, and put new tile throughout. Check it out!

Gaarz bathroom remodel