Job Highlight: Barrel Metal Roof on Nolan River

We recently did the roof on the new medical building across the street from the high school in Cleburne. I drive by this building every day, so I watched the roof happen. The shingles on the big flat bits went on in two days. The rounded bit over the dormer took a little while longer. And now I know why.

Barrel Roof

I found these pictures in our photo repository, and I was intrigued. I got more information from Justin (who gets photo credit for all of these), and I knew I had to share the pics with you!

I suppose putting shingles on a rounded roof would be just about the same as putting shingles on a flat roof with a peak–you overlap a shingle over the one beneath it so the water runs down over the surface, and put ridge cap shingles on top where they meet.

But what about flashing? Driving by, I wondered how they were going to tie a round surface into a flat surface. Flashing is flat metal and doesn’t like to curve.

The photos revealed the secret! Precisely overlap shingle-sized flashing like shingles. Look how pretty this is! And it all got covered up!

So even if those had been the only photos of this project, I’d still have shared it. BUT WAIT! There’s more! Turns out we didn’t even put shingles on the barrel part! It’s a metal roof.

Barrel Roof

Notice the lack of obvious fasteners. This type of metal roof is call ‘standing seam’. This one is a custom crafted system made specifically for this particular roof (another reason it took a little longer–the pieces had to be custom made). Long strips attach to each other and to the drip edge (which is physically attached to the roof with screws) with a series of tabs and clips that slide together (with a little bit of brute force and special tools). The end of each piece is ‘hemmed’, or bend around the drip edge to lock in place.

Barrel roof

The seam is then covered with another batten piece, which clips over bent metal tabs. Check this out:

Standing seam detail

The result is a ridiculously durable, water-tight, GORGEOUS roof!

Gotta say I learned quite a bit!