How are the frost lines on my roof costing me money?



We’ve all been there, you wake up on a winter morning trying to get yourself to work, or the kids off to school. You step outside, and you see a layer of frost covering your car and everything else. You begrudgingly start your car to begin defrosting your window and sit there frustrated for the next few minutes this will put you back. The next time this happens, look around you, take a look at your roof. Does it look like the picture above? If so, you may have an insulation problem.

Did you know that Replacing insulation is the cheapest way to enhance the efficiency of your home?

Let’s imagine your house, You run your heater at night to keep your family warm. Your ceilings are insulated through the attic to help keep that warm air in the rooms you intended. Well, if your insulation is poor quality, it isn’t doing a very good job keeping the heat in your living room, or bedrooms. As we all know, heat rises, and it begins to fill your attic space warming it up as well. Your warm attic then begins to melt the frost on the roof of your home.

But why all the lines?


You do have one good insulator that is working hard for you, the structural beams of your house.  If you look at the picture above, every home is framed out pretty much the same way.  The distance between the beams can vary depending on how your house was built, and to which codes, but every home will have vertical beams running across their roofs. Wood is an excellent insulator. In this case, the beams are keeping the frost insulated against the roof, while the rest of the roof is being heated from your precious bought air.

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