Four simple things you can do for long-lasting carpet

Four simple things you can do for long-lasting carpetSo. It’s time to replace that carpet, huh? It’s not a small expense, but it will make such a difference in how your home feels to live in. You might be looking at all the possibilities for new carpet, weighing different factors to ensure that you don’t have to replace it again for a long, long, long time.

Did you know that long-lasting carpet really has little to do with the carpet itself?

Yes, I hear you saying, “But Stacey, there are literally hundreds of variations of carpet thicknesses, chemical compositions, and stain-resistant coatings that all tout durability.” And you are absolutely right. Each of those variations has its own set of benefits and drawbacks that do influence the carpet’s longevity to some extent.  But much like your car, your carpet’s life span has more to do with how you care for it than whatever bells and whistles it has.

Here are four simple things you can do to keeping ANY carpet looking newer longer.

1. Absolutely invest in a good carpet pad.

This is huge. This is ginormous.  In this list, it should be number one, two, and three. But we’ll condense it for simplicity. But it’s gigantic. Carpet starts to really look worn when the backing fibers start to break down. When the backing fibers loosen, the carpet fibers themselves start to come loose, they shift and squish and then THEY break down faster. For pennies more per square foot, you can install a good, firm, moisture-resistant cushion that will support the backing fibers of your carpet for years. You can put a good pad under cheap carpet and have a plush, luxurious, long-lasting carpet. Check out a blog post I wrote a while ago for more info than you ever thought you needed to know about carpet pad:

Carpet 101: Welcome to My Pad

More than you ever thought you needed to know about carpet pad!

2. Vacuum

Dirt that gets into and stays in the backing fibers are like the microbeads in exfoliating products. It rubs the fiber with every step and wears it away a little at a time.

3. Vacuum!!

Seriously.  At least once a week, more often in high-traffic areas. I know it’s a pain, but you want to keep those sand-blasting dirt particles out of the backing fibers.

4. Have your carpet professionally cleaned every other year.

Yes, professionally. I also own one of those home carpet cleaners, and they’re great for spot cleaning. Not so great for full room carpet-cleaning. They simply do not have the power to extract most of the water out of the carpet. Rental machines are no better. But professional cleaners are highly trained people who had have ridiculously powerful cleaning equipment, and who will take utmost care of your carpet. If you’re in the Cleburne area, we like to recommend Anderson’s.

And here’s the best part:

Even if you’re not installing new carpet just yet, you can commit to taking better care of the carpet you currently have to prolong its life.