Flooring crew in action

Before and After Townson

LEFT: The space right before Sergio and his guys arrived. RIGHT: How it looked immediately after they left. What a difference 90 minutes makes!

I don’t think I am at all biased when I say that our crews are absolutely wonderful. I got to see one of our flooring crews in action, and not only are they remarkably skilled, they are also very polite and patient. Even, when necessary, with persistent turkeys.

Several months ago, my grandmother moved into a house on family property. To spiff it up just for her, we painted the walls, then had one of our Stevan Buren Flooring crews install new flooring before she moved in. The house had badly worn stained concrete floors, so we chose a closed-loop fleck carpet (Mohawk‘s Caliope) and some wood-look glue-down vinyl plank (clearance in-stock Artistek). Both choices were made based on ease of care because my grandmother is a slight-but-fiery 85 pounds, and because this little house sits on a farm.

Cows watch curiously

And these strange guys in their strange van created a bit of a stir. The cows watched curiously from the fence, sometimes craning their necks to see the strange goings on. A few chickens wandered in to get a closer look, no doubt to report back to the cows.  The turkey, however….

The turkey was borderline pushy. Tom is a very handsome Bourbon Red turkey accustomed to being the center of attention. He likes to visit local libraries in the fall and let kids and parents ooh and aah and admire him. He felt he should also be the center of whatever was going on inside this little house.

Securing the carpet padding

But work inside continued. Here in the office, we frequently get comments about how efficiently all of our crews work, and on this day I got to witness it first hand.

Laying the carpet

I didn’t know prior to watching them install this carpet that closed-loop, or berber-style, carpets are more time-consuming to install than cut pile. This is because even the uniform loops have a very subtle pattern that needs to be matched in order to create a hidden seam. Sergio and his guys are so good at this, even today, months later, I know the seam is there but I cannot find it.

And still Tom hovered. The front door was blocked, so he tried the side door…

Gluing the plank

This install was the guinea pig for a new product we now use for this purpose all the time. It’s an underlayment that can be used unglued under floating floors, it can be glued down to concrete then glued on top of (for insulation against cold concrete), and–here’s the new thing we tried here–it can float on the subfloor and be glued on top of. So it can make any glue-down floor a floating floor.

Tom the Turkey supervises the flooring installation

The turkey watched, and gobbled, and watched some more.

This is why they're so fast

These guys are ridiculously efficient with EVERYTHING, not just carpet. I completely understand our customers’ amazement at how quickly and precisely our guys work! These guys were here less than 90 minutes.

Colton finally gives Tom some attention.

The space looked amazing!!  And finally Tom got some one-on-one attention from Colton.