Five Types of Hard Surface Flooring

Five Types of Hard Surface Flooring1. Hardwood—Still the most popular choice for hard surface flooring after hundreds of years–for good reason. It blends warm beauty with great durability, so hardwood floors look good for a very long time.

2. Ceramic tile—Invented thousands of years ago, likely by the Persians, tile is the second most popular hard surface flooring choice.

3. Laminate—Interest seems to be waning in favor of engineered hardwoods. Still a good, inexpensive choice for the look of wood without the price tag of solid or engineered wood.

4. Vinyl—High durability and better technology for the price means vinyl is growing in popularity. From familiar sheet “linoleum” to high-tech engineered vinyl click planks, vinyl is looking better and lasting longer than ever before.

5. Cork—Still a niche product but gaining in popularity. It’s a unique look and a unique feel. Appeals to people committed to using environmentally responsible all-natural products. It uses the bark of the cork oak tree. The tree itself remains to live and grow and produce more cork.

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