Five Texture Options for Walls

Five Texture Options for WallsAny time you install a new sheetrock wall, you’re faced with the question: How to finish?

Here are five common texture options for walls, along with a bonus!

1. Knockdown– This is what we have here in the SBRWF showroom. Texture is sprayed on, then flattened out, or ‘knocked down.’

2. Orange peel– Also very common. Looks like the mottled–almost pocked– surface of an orange.

3. Sponge– a sponge is used to pull out texture. Features tiny ridges and valleys.


4. Stucco, or spanish knife– hand troweled, very random, very old-world feeling.

spanish knife

5. Brushed–a coarse brush is dragged through wet compound in repeating patterns


BONUS: Starburst or Fireworks– a version of brushed, a round brush is pressed into wet compound to make a starburst shape. Common on ceilings, but absolutely usable on walls, too!


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