Enhancing the Curb Appeal of Your Home with a New Roof

While there are other factors that go into determining the value of your home, there’s no doubt that your home’s appearance, or curb appeal, has quite an impact. Even if you never plan to put your home on the market now or in the future, you still want to maximize the curb appeal of your residence, as it can be a source of personal pride for you and your family. While most homeowners primarily think of exterior design elements such as paint, brickwork, and landscaping when contemplating curb appeal, your roofing cannot be underestimated as a key component in the appearance of your home.

Nice HouseThe best roofing contractors in Austin, TX, can make as big an impact on the overall appeal of your home as a good painter, brick mason, or landscaping service. In the modern marketplace, there are plenty of roofing materials that go well beyond the practical functionality of traditional asphalt shingles. There are options to meet every need, with a variety of styles, colors, materials, and textures available to complement your exterior décor. Keep reading to learn about the ways that a new roof can help enhance the curb appeal of your home.

Provide New Dimensions

If your home roof was constructed using the tried and true asphalt shingle, the best aesthetic you could hope for was a consistent, dark surface that blended into the background. However, modern shingles have upped the ante, as they can serve as design elements on their own. For example, architectural, or dimensional, shingles are made from thicker material than standard shingles. That gives them additional visual depth which will enhance roof appearance. They can also be cut in 3-dimensional patterns that can further enhance the appearance of the roof beyond the staid flat black look of years past. That provides a source of visual texture that can amp up the attractiveness of your property.

Add a Pop of Color

Again, the options for roofing colors in the past were limited to galvanized steel for metal roofing, or black, gray, red, brown, and green for asphalt shingles. However, you can get more pop out of your roofing materials these days thanks to roofing that comes in a wider range of hues. That new diversity of color tones allows homeowners to use their roofing to complement the colors present in the exterior design palette, which will further enhance curb appeal and the overall appearance of the home.

Highlight Architectural Features

Shingles Against Pretty SkyYour roof can also be used to amplify or draw out the architectural features of your home. For example, if your home features a lot of ornate shutters, windows, and trim, you may opt for a simple roof design with clean lines that can provide a foil to the elaborate elements present in other places. Or, if your home has a more modern, less decorative aesthetic, you can add a little flair with a roof that features elements such as cross gables to increase visual interest.

A New Look

A new roof also benefits curb appeal by making your home look newer and well-kept. A drab, faded, weathered roof can make even the most extravagant home look worse for wear. However, an otherwise non-updated home can look dramatically better with a new roof surface in place. A new roof can take years off the appearance of your home, which will of course benefit curb appeal beyond the functional benefits of a new roof surface on value.

If you want to improve the curb appeal of your home, consider upgrading your external aesthetic with a new roof. To learn more about how you can improve curb appeal with a new roof, contact Stevan Buren Roofing at (817) 558-6997.