Best windows for my Granbury home?

If there is one thing that people from Granbury, Tx know, it’s just how intense/unique Texas weather can be. This is why so many homeowners take the time to ensure that their homes are protected from the elements. However, one of the most commonly ignored areas continues to be a home’s windows. Windows are much more important than people think and why choosing the right one for your home is so important. Below includes further information on a variety of areas about your windows that you must pay attention to in order to choose the best ones for your home. 

Choosing the Right Glass for Your Windows

Understandably, the first thing you’re going to think about when choosing windows for your home is the type of glass that is going to be used. Because most homeowners in Granbury want to protect their homes from the intense heat and cold, going with a double-pane window is highly recommended by the experts. Preferably, you want to invest in double-pane windows with low-E or low emissivity. Low-E windows have a small amount of coating added to them in order to better deflect solar heat. This, of course, helps to keep your home cool and consistent throughout the year. If you are still unsure of the route you should take, it is always recommended to reach out to a home window professional.  

Why Window Frames Matter

When homeowners are deciding which type of window to choose for their home, their focus is often concentrated too much on the glass. Although the type of glass you choose is certainly important, homeowners must also pay attention to the type of frame that will be added to the space. When presented with windows for your home, you are likely to encounter several options. These include aluminum, wood, vinyl, or fiberglass window frames. Because Granbury can get very hot during the summer months, aluminum window frames are not recommended as they are the least effective at keeping the heat out. The best material to help your home fight against the heat is vinyl window frames with fiberglass coming at a close second. If your home is on the older side and thus adding modern frames would ruin the aesthetics, going with wooden frames is also a good route to take. It must be noted that wood frames do deteriorate much faster when excessive moisture in the air is present.

Should You Replace or Repair?

Oftentimes it is not the type of window glass or frame that is the question but rather if you should replace the entire window or simply repair certain areas. This is understandably a difficult decision to make, and thus the following includes further information when you reach this crossroad. First, let’s take a look at your frame. If your frame has been damaged by foundation movement, an entire replacement may be the best route to take. However, if it’s simple wear and tear, adding caulking to seal the gaps often does the trick. When it comes to the window glass itself, switching them out for brand new ones is highly advised, especially if they are more than ten years old. The reason for that is because even in just the past few years, innovations in technology have led to improvements in the energy efficiency of home windows. 

In Granbury, Tx, homeowners know all too well just how hot the summers can be and how cold some winters can get. This is why understanding how to choose the right windows is so important. Thus it is highly recommended to utilize the information above when you finally decide to upgrade your home windows.