Bathroom Remodel

Finding The Right Fit

Sometimes finding the right contractor can be a bit of trial and error.  Stevan Buren Roofing Windows and Flooring strives to walk alongside you in your home renovations.  Recently a Cleburne, TX couple reached out to our company.  They were very upset as they had begun a home renovation project with another contractor.  This contractor made promises they were unable to fulfill and worked on projects that they were too inexperienced to complete.  Once Stevan Buren’s Team showed up on site, we were able to explain everything we could accomplish, and their needs and wants were readily met.

Project Scope

For a renovation like this, we sent our flooring expert Sergio out to scope out the project.  Sergio walked through the project with the clients.  He reassured them that we would not only be able to fix the issues left behind from their previous contractor, but we would also be able to accomplish their future projects.  The biggest project that they wanted to take care of was the remodel of both of their bathrooms.  This project included new:

  • Flooring
  • Texture and Paint on the Walls
  • Cabinets / Vanity
  • Countertops
  • Windows
  • Toilets
  • Fully tiled Showers

We began with his bathroom project. It centered around a vanity they had previously purchased and wanted the bathroom styled by.  Using this vanity as a starting point, we used white/grey marbled tile and champagne bronze fixtures.    The Floors were a dark natural stone vinyl, and the walls were painted light grey. For her bathroom, she was very flexible, and open to our design suggestions.  We decided on white cabinetry, with a very dark grey granite countertop.  All her fixtures were Stainless Steel and we removed her tub and built her a fully tiled standing shower.  Her flooring was a dark grey vinyl and her walls were painted white.