Antarctica-proof windows

I was looking through information that Kensington HPP gave me a little while ago, and found the video below. While all of it is pretty darn amazing, what totally floored me starts at fifty seconds in. Kensington HPP windows are in the Princess Elisabeth research station in Antarctica. (!!!) ANTARCTICA! Effectively, the windows we carry for your house to insulate against the Texas heat are the same windows insulating an Antarctic research station against the cold. How cool (cool, ha!) is that? Check it out!

That’s kind of a big deal, I think.

How is it possible? It’s because of the patented heat-mirror technology used inside the window. Kensington HPP is the only manufacturer with the technology to make windows that are nearly as insulating as walls. No other manufacturer can even come close.

There are lots of other neat little tidbits of information in the video, too, but this one blew me away. Having lived in Alaska, which is almost as cold, I was utterly impressed.

Windows in the Princess Elisabeth research station by Kensington HPP



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