A Fresh Look

When James and Rebecca York needed to freshen up the look of their home, they turned to Stevan Buren Flooring to provide them with new floors. They were seeking something that would be low maintenance but still have the look and feel of hardwood. Sergio was quick to Suggest a CoreTec WPC Vinyl Flooring. It has the great look of hardwood, but the low maintenance appeal of vinyl Flooring.

What Does WPC Mean?

WPC Stands for Wood Plastic Composite and it looks like this:

The first layer is the wear layer, this is highly important, as it protects the printed layer beneath. Most standard vinyl flooring will offer 6-12mm protective layer. The CoreTec material the Yorks selected has a 20mm protective layer, offering over twice the durability of standard vinyl flooring. The next layer is the “wood surface,” this material is really just compounded wood fibers and thermoplastic resins that are imprinted to create the appearance of hardwood. The center core layer is completely waterproof and resists expanding or contracting when exposed to moisture. The backing layer resists molding and creates an insulation barrier for your flooring material as well. While this flooring material is highly durable, it also has a great appearance. Check out the Yorks new flooring and decide for yourself.