5 Resolutions your home would like you to make

A letter from your house:

Dear beloved humans,

Greetings! I see that you’re making New Year’s resolutions, and I thought I might take this opportunity to suggest a few more. Not that I think you need to improve, far from it, but if I may, I humbly request your help. My life’s purpose and my greatest joy is to provide a comfortable shelter–nay, a sanctuary–for you. Yet as big and strong as I am, I need your assistance with a few things. If you would, consider these New Year’s resolutions was well?

    1. Change my air filters every month. I want to efficiently keep your air clean and at a comfortable temperature. I do that best with regularly changed filters.


    1. Look for gaps in caulking and grout, both around windows and wherever there’s water. Moisture getting into places where it’s not meant to be will lead to mold and/or rot. Please don’t let me rot.


    1. Fix drippy faucets. I know you have to pay more money when all that water trickles down the drain. And it would be really cool if you saved some of that money for… staycations! Who wants to play Monopoly!?


    1. Locate air leaks, and inspect my insulation. Both of these go back to keeping air at a comfortable temperature for you. I really can’t stress that enough–it’s so important to my job.


  1. That home improvement project you’ve been thinking about? Make a solid plan to do it. I would love more efficient windows! Or new flooring in my bathroom! (BTW, Stevan Buren Roofing, Windows, & Flooring can help you with both of those things.) You’ll probably get tax breaks next year for increasing my energy efficiency this year. Something to think about…

Very sincerely yours,

Your house


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